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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Change Is Inevitable

      I love it when these guys show up!
It's a sure sign that the season is changing. Spring or fall, they are like clock work. They fly up and down the river by the ranch at sunrise and sunset for that period of time we call "mud season" or "shoulder season". It is an exciting time for me! I look forward to it. It's a time to take a breath, reflect on what has been. Look at what was good and reflect on what was bad and how to make it better next time it comes around. It is also a time to plan and prepare for the next season, the next thing.  I look forward to a certain amount of change. We change our haircuts, our style of clothes, the food we eat, our underwear. We gain and lose people, pets, places along the way. Our bodies change, we learn and grow, sometimes even our perspective on things change. Its all about how much you want to grow, in how much change you will perceive along the way.
                           It is true that when one door shuts another door opens.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear #Toshiba and #BEST Buy

               This is an open post to #Toshiba and #Best Buy. I hope this post makes the rounds and  the GM groups from #Toshiba and #Best Buy see this!
           I just wanted to show everyone a company that understands customer service. I will NEVER spend another penny with #Toshiba or #Best Buy because of the way they have treated me. On the other hand I will always shop #The North Face first for products they may carry because twice now they have gone above and beyond what I expected.  Thank you #The North Face for proving there ARE companies that understand customer service.
       Here is the proof;

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Rant On #Sausage

                   I love sausage in all its various shapes and forms. From sweet Italian sausage, to hot breakfast sausage seasoned with sage, to rich decadent blood sausage. Grilled, boiled, smoked, fried.... its all good to me!
   Although in an effort to lose this belly, my constant companion for most of my 58 years on this planet, I've cut way back on my sausage consumption.  I still, or maybe more so consider myself, if you will, a sausage snob. Always looking for that perfect blend of spices and meat served in the perfect way. Yes, there are certain sausages that go with certain styles of food, at least in my own mouth. If I go into  restaurant and treat myself to a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito or a "Scramble" as they call them and it comes out with link sausage on or in it, I will probably look for somewhere else the next time I treat myself. These meals require a bulk crumble or patty sausage, believe it or not the taste and mouth feel are different than sausage in a casing. At least to me it does. I've found most people don't get it.
    As a kid I also grew up on pancakes. another food I don't eat very often any more. : (
      I DO like to support communities I live in through charitable events and what more of a treat for me and to help support the community then to attend a pancake breakfast. I did just that recently. The pancakes were good and it was a fun time. Every one serving knew Govt Mule and commented on my shirt but to my dismay you could tell the sausage was precooked. It leaves me in wonder why people use it but you can buy precooked bacon and sausage. This had been heated and now resembled jerky sticks but not half as tasty! DO everyone a favor if you don't have access to equipment or personnel to prepare sausage, just don't use it. It would be better off to serve cold slices of ham then to serve something like this. It would be better for EVERYONE to serve a piece of fruit and not even have sausage if your other choice is to use the precooked sausage.  It was a good cause and I'm glad I went but I can't tell you how disappointed the sausage was to me.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

#Crock Pot #Beef Short Ribs

  I prefer pork ribs but the other day I caught some nice looking #beef ribs on sale.
            I also needed; 1 can of french onion soup
                                  1 can of beef broth
                                   4 medium size Yukon gold potatoes quartered
                                   1 large yellow onion ~ chopped course
                                  a couple of carrots~ chopped course
                                    about two teaspoons of chopped garlic
                                  I had about a half a cup of Anasazi beans. I soaked them over night ~ I've come to really like these beans they have no sugar and are packed with fiber and protein.
                 I seasoned the ribs well with Cajun  and Italian seasonings. I added them along with the beans and the cans of soup plus two cans of water to the #crock pot and cooked on high for about an hour and a half. Then I added my vegetables; cooked on high for another hour and a half then turned down to medium. At this point everything should be about done. Being at altitude, I cooked mine an additional hour on medium.
            All I can say the ribs were tender and everything was yummy!!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

#Kale~ #Food Fad or Something More?

           I have read where #Kale is very #healthy for you and it is good so many people are eating it..... but really????  It seems everywhere from menus to recipes, Kale is everywhere! Its like there is no other vegetable. Same thing happened with salmon a few years ago. All of a sudden menus became devoid of any other kind of fish except salmon. Sure, Kale is health for you, but don't carrots and broccoli even beans and cabbage, other greens like collard and mustard don't they all have their merit and nutritious elements? So why all of a sudden this lemming devotion to this particular vegetable? The conspiracy theorist in me believes there is some huge unseen promotional campaign going on. Most greens are cheap and easy to produce so getting upscale restaurants to buy in would raise the price. Getting health and cooking magazines and shows would certainly drive the market. Ah, who knows? Maybe me and that yaller cat are just getting old and crotchety and always looking for something to pick on. Still makes me wonder though.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Try This #High #Fiber, Easy #Crock Pot Meal

         You will need;  1 Beef Shank
                                  A couple of links of Andouille Sausage
                                          Our local City Market Super Market tries, but it is a small community so, selections are limited. I like using aidells. Its #gluten free, no nitrates, no added hormones, minimally processed.  
                               1 small head of Cabbage
                                1 Large Red Onion
                               a couple of ribs of Celery
                                3 or 4 turnips~ get the smallest ones they will be better tasting then the larger ones.
                                3 or 4 Carrots
                                 8 to 10 oz of Anasazi Beans~ Soaked over night
                                      You can use another bean, any you like, but I'm trying to get as much fiber and protein and as little #sugar in my #diet as possible. I checked through all the dry beans at the market and the Anasazi beans were the only ones to have NO sugar. Not only that they had a WHOPPING 7 grams of #Fiber and 8 grams of #Protein per serving!
                                1 can French Onion soup
                                1 can of Golden Mushroom soup
                                 1 can of Beef Broth
                             salt and pepper to taste
                                    1 Tablespoon of Italian Seasoning
              I coarse cut all the vegetables and Cajun Sausage
 I place everything in the Crock pot and cover with water
             Cook on high for an hour then on low until everything is done about an additional 3- 4 hours.
For more al dente vegetables~ cook the meat and beans first and then wait an hour after you have turned down the crock pot to add your vegetables.